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Welcome to - your source for pre-computed mileage charts for the North America, Europe, and the World!

Having trouble finding your cities in the mileage table in your road atlas? Well, the chances are that they are in our tables!

Our Charts

Our charts cover entire continents, individual countries, and top-level regions within countries (e.g. US States, Canadian Territories). Each chart contains all populated places (cities, towns, villages) with a population of 1000. If this means a chart woudl have more than 1000 places, then only the 1000 largest places are used.

A chart is calculated if the country or region has three or more populated places.

All charts are in the Microsoft Excel 2007 xlsx format. They have three worksheets: driving distance (miles), driving distance (kilometers), and travel time (formated hours:minutes:seconds). As a bonus, every pair of cities within our charts have distances and travel times for both directions!

Country information and mileage tables are organized according to continent:

Commercial Charts

We also have some charts available for purchase. These are between US zipcodes, arranged by US State.