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By default, this map is centered on North America, but can calculate routes for most countries of the world.

This page can be used to calculate individual mileages. If you require multiple mileages, it is quicker and easier to use our Pre-Computed Mileage Charts. These are listed by continent - see the menu on the left. Alternatively, we also sell the MileCharter Add-in for Caliper® Maptitude® for custom mileage chart calculations; and MPMileage for Caliper® Maptitude® for custom point-to-point batch mileage computations.


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Why is this page asking for my location?

Some browsers support geolocation, i.e. the ability to query the user's physical location. If available, the above map application requests this information to center the map, and to offer to use the location as a start location for the route distance. This is completely optional, and does not affect the measurement procedure or accuracy.

Firefox's geolocation functionality is completely opt-in, ie. you have to explicitly agree to provide your information to the above map application. The application will work fine if you do not agree. The location information is only used within your browser. It is used to center the map, place a display marker on the map, displayed as text, and you can use it as a start location. It is never passed to the server. It is not stored beyond the life of the page (ie. all location information is lost if you close your browser, close the page, or refresh the page).