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Asia is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It shares the continental landmass of Eurasia with the continent of Europe and the continental landmass of Afro-Eurasia with both Europe and Africa. Asia covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres (17,212,000 sq mi), about 30% of Earth's total land area and 8.7% of the Earth's total surface area. The continent, which has long been home to the majority of the human population, was the site of many of the first civilizations. Asia is notable for not only its overall large size and population, but also dense and large settlements, as well as vast barely populated regions. Its 4.5 billion people (as of September 2018) constitute roughly 60% of the world's population.In general terms, Asia is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. The border of Asia with Europe is a historical and cultural construct, as there is no clear physical and geographical separation between them. It is somewhat arbitrary and has moved since its first conception in classical antiquity. The division of Eurasia into two continents reflects East–West cultural, linguistic, and ethnic differences, some of which vary on a spectrum rather than with a sharp dividing line. The most commonly accepted boundaries place Asia to the east of the Suez Canal separating it from Africa; and to the east of the Turkish Straits, the Ural Mountains and Ural River, and to the south of the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian and Black Seas, separating it from Europe.China and India alternated in being the largest economies in the world from 1 to 1800 CE. China was a major economic power and attracted many to the east, and for many the legendary wealth and prosperity of the ancient culture of India personified Asia, attracting European commerce, exploration and colonialism. The accidental discovery of a trans-Atlantic route from Europe to America by Columbus while in search for a route to India demonstrates this deep fascination. The Silk Road became the main east–west trading route in the Asian hinterlands while the Straits of Malacca stood as a major sea route. Asia has exhibited economic dynamism (particularly East Asia) as well as robust population growth during the 20th century, but overall population growth has since fallen. Asia was the birthplace of most of the world's mainstream religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, as well as many other religions. Source: Wikipedia

The mileage chart for Asia can be downloaded here (21.3MB, updated 27th May 2019).

A list of component tables for Asia can be found here: list of Asia tables.

This mileage chart contains mileages and travel times for the following 996 cities:

Abadan, Iran370180
Abū Ghurayb, Iraq900000
Abha, Saudi Arabia210886
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates603492
Ad Dīwānīyah, Iraq318801
Adana, Turkey1248988
Adapazarı, Turkey286787
Adıyaman, Turkey223744
Aden, Yemen550602
Agartala, India203264
Ageoshimo, Japan219401
Agra, India1430055
Ahmadnagar, India367140
Ahmedabad, India3719710
Ahvaz, Iran841145
Aizawl, India265331
Ajman, United Arab Emirates226172
Ajmer, India517911
Akashi, Japan297279
Akita, Japan320069
Akola, India428857
Aksu, China340020
Aktobe, Kazakhstan262457
Al Aḩmadī, Kuwait637411
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates408733
Al Ḩillah, Iraq289709
Al Ḩudaydah, Yemen617871
Al ‘Amārah, Iraq323302
Al Hufūf, Saudi Arabia293179
Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia237274
Al Kūt, Iraq315162
Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia425300
Al Mubarraz, Saudi Arabia290802
Alīgarh, India753207
Aleppo, Syria1602264
Allahābād, India1073438
Almaty, Kazakhstan2000900
Alor Setar, Malaysia217368
Alwar, India283228
Amagasaki, Japan442173
Amarnāth, India217780
Ambattūr, India341049
Ambon, Indonesia355596
Amman, Jordan1275857
Amrāvati, India603837
Amritsar, India1092450
Anantapur, India240442
Andijon, Uzbekistan318419
Angeles City, Philippines299391
Ankara, Turkey3517182
Anqing, China358661
Ansan-si, South Korea650728
Anshan, China1199275
Anshun, China351936
Antakya, Turkey210000
Antalya, Turkey758188
Antipolo, Philippines549543
Anyang, China781129
Anyang-si, South Korea634367
Aomori, Japan298394
Ar Rayyān, Qatar272465
Aral, China260000
Arāk, Iran503647
Ardabīl, Iran410753
Arrah, India223676
As Sulaymānīyah, Iraq723170
Asahikawa, Japan356612
Ashdod, Israel224656
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan727700
Ataşehir, Turkey361615
Atsugi, Japan229199
Aurangabad, India1016441
Şanlıurfa, Turkey449549
Şişli, Turkey314684
İzmir, Turkey2500603
Ḩamāh, Syria460602
Ōita, Japan448907
Ürümqi, China3029372
Üsküdar, Turkey582666
Ōtsu, Japan298164
Çankaya, Turkey792189
Çorlu, Turkey202578
Āsansol, India504271
Āvadi, India250044
Āzādshahr, Iran514102
Bağcılar, Turkey724270
Bacolod City, Philippines454898
Bacoor, Philippines356974
Bagerhat, Bangladesh266388
Baghdad, Iraq7216000
Bago, Myanmar244376
Baguio, Philippines272714
Bahawalpur, Pakistan552607
Bahçelievler, Turkey576799
Baicheng, China316970
Baku, Azerbaijan1116513
Balıkesir, Turkey238151
Balikpapan, Indonesia433866
Banda Aceh, Indonesia250757
Bandar Abbas, Iran352173
Bandar Lampung, Indonesia800348
Bandung, Indonesia1699719
Bangkok, Thailand5104476
Banjarmasin, Indonesia572837
Banqiao, Taiwan543342
Baoding, China995652
Baotou, China1301768
Barddhamān, India301725
Bareilly, India745435
Barisāl, Bangladesh202242
Basrah, Iraq2600000
Batam, Indonesia1164352
Batangas, Philippines237370
Bathinda, India242800
Batman, Turkey381990
Battagram, Pakistan700000
Bayan Nur, China1760000
Bābol, Iran202796
Bāli, India296973
Bārāsat, India237783
Bīdar, India204071
Bīkaner, India576015
Būkān, Iran213331
Bei’an, China436444
Beihai, China289568
Beijing, China11716620
Beirut, Lebanon1916100
Bekasi, Indonesia1520119
Belgaum, India428720
Bellary, India336681
Bengaluru, India5104047
Bengbu, China576648
Bengkulu, Indonesia309712
Benxi, China987717
Bharatpur, India229384
Bhavnagar, India554978
Bhayandar, India520301
Bhāgalpur, India361548
Bhātpāra, India483129
Bhīlwāra, India326431
Bhilai, India625138
Bhimbar, Pakistan342900
Bhiwandi, India707035
Bhopal, India1599914
Bhubaneshwar, India762243
Biên Hòa, Vietnam407208
Biñan, Philippines300000
Bihār Sharīf, India244230
Bijapur, India271064
Bilāspur, India282705
Bilimora, India510879
Binangonan, Philippines219204
Binjai, Indonesia228763
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan900000
Bogor, Indonesia800000
Bogra, Bangladesh210000
Bokāro, India418533
Borūjerd, Iran251958
Borivli, India609617
Brahmapur, India324726
Bucheon-si, South Korea850731
Budta, Philippines1273715
Bukhara, Uzbekistan247644
Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia212329
Buraydah, Saudi Arabia391336
Burhānpur, India202695
Bursa, Turkey1412701
Busan, South Korea3678555
Butuan, Philippines309709
Cabanatuan City, Philippines220250
Cabuyao, Philippines308745
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines445103
Cainta, Philippines283172
Calamba, Philippines316612
Caloocan City, Philippines1500000
Cangzhou, China527681
Cần Thơ, Vietnam259598
Cebu City, Philippines798634
Chandigarh, India960787
Changchun, China4193073
Changde, China517780
Changsha, China3093980
Changshu City, China1047700
Changwon, South Korea550000
Changzhi, China699514
Changzhou, China949018
Chaoyang, China410005
Chaozhou, China424787
Chānda, India328351
Chāpra, India201597
Chōfu, Japan212977
Chengde, China449325
Chengdu, China7415590
Chengzhong, China265886
Chennai, India4328063
Cheonan, South Korea365114
Cheongju-si, South Korea634596
Chiang Mai, Thailand200952
Chiba, Japan919729
Chifeng, China346654
Chigasaki, Japan231657
Chiniot, Pakistan201781
Chinju, South Korea307242
Chittagong, Bangladesh3920222
Chon Buri, Thailand219164
Chongjin, North Korea327000
Chongqing, China7457600
Chuncheon, South Korea209746
Chuzhou, China280582
Ciampea, Indonesia207212
Cileungsir, Indonesia202190
Cimahi, Indonesia493698
Ciputat, Indonesia207858
Cirebon, Indonesia254298
City of Balikpapan, Indonesia700000
Cochin, India604696
Coimbatore, India959823
Colombo, Sri Lanka648034
Comilla, Bangladesh389411
Cox’s Bāzār, Bangladesh253788
Cuttack, India580000
Da Nang, Vietnam752493
Dadonghai, China2000000
Dadukou, China461513
Daegu, South Korea2566540
Daejeon, South Korea1475221
Dalian, China4087733
Daliang, China210411
Damascus, Syria1569394
Dammam, Saudi Arabia768602
Dandong, China631973
Daqing, China203488
Darbhanga, India287150
Dasmariñas, Philippines441876
Datong, China1052678
Davangere, India435128
Davao, Philippines1212504
Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka219827
Dehra Dūn, India522081
Deir ez-Zor, Syria242565
Delhi, India10927986
Denizli, Turkey313238
Denpasar, Indonesia834881
Depok, Indonesia1198129
Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan236093
Dewas, India261218
Dezhou, China379555
Dhaka, Bangladesh10356500
Dhanbād, India219636
Dhūlia, India366980
Dihok, Iraq284000
Dinājpur, Bangladesh206234
Dindigul, India200797
Diyarbakır, Turkey644763
Doha, Qatar344939
Dombivli, India1193000
Dongguan, China8000000
Dubai, United Arab Emirates1137347
Durg, India255283
Durgapur, India518872
Dushanbe, Tajikistan679400
Elazığ, Turkey298004
Erbil, Iraq932800
Erzurum, Turkey420691
Esenler, Turkey520235
Esenyurt, Turkey211330
Eskişehir, Turkey514869
Etāwah, India257448
Faisalabad, Pakistan2506595
Faridabad, India1220229
Farrukhābād, India241152
Fīrozābād, India306409
Fenghuang, China370000
Foshan, China3600000
Fuji, Japan240014
Fujisawa, Japan394624
Fukui-shi, Japan248707
Fukuoka, Japan1392289
Fukushima, Japan294237
Fukuyama, Japan383298
Fushun, China1400646
Fuxin, China689050
Fuzhou, China1179720
Gajuwaka, India258944
Gangānagar, India231838
Ganja, Azerbaijan313300
Gaoping, China204368
Gaya, India423692
Gaza, Palestinian Territory410000
Gaziantep, Turkey1065975
Gebze, Turkey281436
General Santos, Philippines679588
George Town, Malaysia300000
Ghāziābād, India1199191
Gifu-shi, Japan397714
Gorakhpur, India674246
Gorgān, Iran244937
Gosāba, India222764
Goyang-si, South Korea1073069
Greater Noida, India293908
Guangyuan, China213365
Guangzhou, China11071424
Guankou, China1380000
Guilin, China649352
Guiyang, China1171633
Gujranwala, Pakistan1384471
Gujrat, Pakistan301506
Gulbarga, India483615
Guli, China536000
Gumi, South Korea291006
Gunsan, South Korea243406
Guntur, India530577
Guwahati, India899094
Gwalior, India882458
Gwangju, South Korea1416938
Ha'il, Saudi Arabia267005
Hachiōji, Japan579399
Hachinohe, Japan239046
Haeju, North Korea222396
Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia271642
Haifa, Israel267300
Haikou, China615835
Hailar, China211066
Haiphong, Vietnam602695
Hakodate, Japan275730
Hamadān, Iran528256
Hamamatsu, Japan605098
Hamhŭng, North Korea559056
Handan, China1358318
Hangu, China208369
Hangzhou, China6241971
Hanoi, Vietnam1431270
Harbin, China5878939
Hāora, India1027672
Hāpur, India242920
Hŭngnam, North Korea346082
Hebi, China244662
Hefei, China3310268
Hegang, China743307
Hengshui, China456356
Hengyang, China759602
Herāt, Afghanistan272806
Heze, China254602
Himeji, Japan481493
Hirakata, Japan406331
Hiratsuka, Japan259052
Hiroshima, Japan1143841
Hisar, India296436
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam3467331
Hohhot, China774477
Homs, Syria775404
Hong Kong, Hong Kong7012738
Hsinchu, Taiwan404109
Huai'an, China555230
Huaibei, China903039
Huainan, China1027655
Hualien City, Taiwan350468
Huanggang, China225956
Huangshi, China688090
Huayin, China242488
Huế, Vietnam287217
Hubli, India840214
Huizhou, China289201
Hulan Ergi, China265344
Huocheng, China360000
Hwaseong-si, South Korea476297
Hyderabad, India3597816
Hyderabad, Pakistan1386330
Ibaraki, Japan273992
Ibb, Yemen234837
Ichalkaranji, India274383
Ichihara, Japan283531
Ichinomiya, Japan280331
Iksan, South Korea283501
Iligan City, Philippines312323
Iligan, Philippines342618
Iloilo, Philippines387681
Imphal, India223523
Imus, Philippines216099
Incheon, South Korea2628000
Indore, India1837041
Ipoh, Malaysia673318
Irbid, Jordan307480
Isfahan, Iran1547164
Islamabad, Pakistan601600
Istanbul, Turkey14804116
Iwaki, Japan357309
Jabalpur, India1030168
Jaipur, India2711758
Jakarta, Indonesia8540121
Jalandhar, India785178
Jalālābād, Afghanistan200331
Jalgaon, India429298
Jambi City, Indonesia420323
Jammu, India465567
Jamnagar, India492056
Jamshedpur, India616338
Jālna, India262034
Jōetsu, Japan204137
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia2867446
Jeju City, South Korea408364
Jember, Indonesia298585
Jeonju, South Korea711424
Jerusalem, Israel801000
Jessore, Bangladesh243987
Jhang Sadr, Pakistan341210
Jhānsi, India412927
Jiamusi, China549549
Jiangmen, China532419
Jiaozuo, China517540
Jiaxing, China466101
Ji’an, China245000
Jieyang, China1001985
Jilin, China1881977
Jinan, China4335989
Jincheng, China332650
Jingdezhen, China310565
Jingling, China224871
Jining, China258757
Jinzhou, China215386
Jiujiang, China258807
Jixi, China403759
Jodhpur, India921476
Johor Bahru, Malaysia802489
Kabul, Afghanistan3043532
Kaesŏng, North Korea338155
Kagoshima, Japan555352
Kahramanmaraş, Turkey376045
Kahrīz, Iran766706
Kaifeng, China900000
Kakogawachō-honmachi, Japan271634
Kalyān, India1262255
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia833571
Kanazawa, Japan458937
Kandahār, Afghanistan391190
Kanggye, North Korea209530
Kanpur, India2823249
Kaohsiung, Taiwan1519711
Karabağlar, Turkey458000
Karachi, Pakistan11624219
Karagandy, Kazakhstan451800
Karaj, Iran1448075
Karamay, China260000
Karīmnagar, India228745
Karbala, Iraq434450
Karnāl, India225049
Kashgar, China274717
Kashiwa, Japan340221
Kasugai, Japan298589
Kasukabe, Japan206915
Kasur, Pakistan290643
Kathmandu, Nepal1442271
Kawagoe, Japan337931
Kawaguchi, Japan468565
Kawasaki, Japan1306785
Kayseri, Turkey592840
Kākināda, India292923
Kāmārhāti, India332965
Kōriyama, Japan340560
Kūkatpalli, India341709
Kırıkkale, Turkey211138
Kediri, Indonesia235143
Keelung, Taiwan397515
Kerman, Iran577514
Kermanshah, Iran621100
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia387553
Kharagpur, India219665
Khomeynī Shahr, Iran277334
Khorramabad, Iran329825
Khorramshahr, Iran330606
Khulna, Bangladesh1342339
Kimhae, South Korea356242
Kirkuk, Iraq601433
Kishiwada, Japan205561
Kitakyushu, Japan997536
Klang, Malaysia879867
Kobe, Japan1528478
Kochi, Japan335570
Kolhāpur, India516142
Kolkata, India4631392
Kollam, India394163
Konya, Turkey875530
Korba, India419146
Koshigaya, Japan317437
Kostanay, Kazakhstan210000
Kota Bharu, Malaysia1459994
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia457326
Kota, India763088
Kotli, Pakistan640000
Kowloon, Hong Kong2019533
Kozhikode, India439922
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1453975
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia285065
Kuantan, Malaysia366229
Kuching, Malaysia570407
Kulti, India305405
Kumamoto, Japan680423
Kunming, China3855346
Kunshan, China1600000
Kupang, Indonesia282396
Kurashiki, Japan437581
Kurnool, India460184
Kurume, Japan238197
Kwangmyŏng, South Korea357545
Kyain Seikgyi Township, Myanmar246065
Kyoto, Japan1459640
Kyzyl-Orda, Kazakhstan300000
Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan300000
Lahore, Pakistan6310888
Lal Bahadur Nagar, India261987
Langfang, China720119
Lankaran, Azerbaijan240300
Lanzhou, China2628426
Laohekou, China253112
Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines350467
Larkana, Pakistan364033
Las Piñas, Philippines590000
Latakia, Syria340181
Latur, India348967
Lianshan, China313247
Liaocheng, China226930
Liaoyang, China687890
Liaoyuan, China465249
Libertad, Philippines250353
Lijiang, China1137600
Linfen, China232566
Linxia Chengguanzhen, China202402
Linyi, China270669
Lipa City, Philippines212287
Liupanshui, China251900
Loa Janan, Indonesia212816
Luancheng, China597130
Lucena, Philippines228758
Lucknow, India2472011
Ludhiāna, India1545368
Luohe, China417356
Luoyang, China1390581
Luqiao, China427890
Macau, Macao520400
Machida, Japan399969
Madurai, India909908
Maebashi, Japan282711
Magugpo Poblacion, Philippines233254
Makassar, Indonesia1321717
Makati City, Philippines510383
Malang, Indonesia746716
Malatya, Turkey441805
Malingao, Philippines1121974
Maltepe, Turkey427040
Manado, Indonesia451893
Mandalay, Myanmar1208099
Mandaluyong City, Philippines305576
Mandaue City, Philippines331320
Mangalore, India417387
Manila, Philippines1600000
Manisa, Turkey243971
Mansilingan, Philippines454150
Mantampay, Philippines265032
Mardan, Pakistan300424
Masan, South Korea434371
Mashhad, Iran2307177
Mataram, Indonesia318674
Mathura, India330511
Matsudo, Japan470277
Matsumoto, Japan210667
Matsuyama, Japan443322
Mau, India246050
Mawlamyine, Myanmar438861
Mazār-e Sharīf, Afghanistan303282
Mālegaon, India435362
Mecca, Saudi Arabia1323624
Medan, Indonesia1750971
Medina, Saudi Arabia1300000
Meerut, India1223184
Merkezefendi, Turkey280341
Mersin, Turkey537842
Mianyang, China264136
Minamirinkan, Japan224015
Minato, Japan375339
Mingora, Pakistan279914
Miri, Malaysia228212
Mirpur Khas, Pakistan215657
Mirzāpur, India220029
Mito, Japan246538
Miyazaki, Japan311203
Mokpo, South Korea268402
Monghyr, India203163
Morādābād, India721139
Morioka, Japan295172
Mosul, Iraq1739800
Mudanjiang, China665915
Mueang Nonthaburi, Thailand291555
Mukalla, Yemen258132
Multan, Pakistan1437230
Mumbai, India12691836
Muratpaşa, Turkey450000
Musaffah, United Arab Emirates243341
Muscat, Oman797000
Muzaffarābād, Pakistan725000
Muzaffarnagar, India349706
Muzaffarpur, India333200
Mymensingh, Bangladesh225126
Mysore, India868313
Nadiād, India202067
Nagano, Japan360176
Nagasaki, Japan410204
Nagoya, Japan2191279
Nagpur, India2228018
Naha, Japan300795
Naihāti, India253221
Najaf, Iraq482576
Najafābād, Iran223450
Najrān, Saudi Arabia258573
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand208781
Namangan, Uzbekistan432456
Namp’o, North Korea455000
Nanchang, China2357839
Nanchong, China7150000
Nanded, India550564
Nangi, India440894
Nanjing, China7165292
Nanning, China803788
Nantong, China666251
Nanyang, China251532
Nara-shi, Japan367353
Narsingdi, Bangladesh281080
Nashik, India1289497
Nasiriyah, Iraq400249
Natore, Bangladesh369138
Navotas, Philippines249463
Nawabshah, Pakistan229504
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar925000
Naz̧arābād, Iran213388
Nāgarpur, Bangladesh238422
Nāgercoil, India213858
Nārāyanganj, Bangladesh223622
Neijiang, China546854
Nellore, India404158
New Delhi, India317797
Neyagawa, Japan238549
Neyshābūr, Iran220929
Nha Trang, Vietnam283441
Niigata, Japan505272
Ningbo, China3491597
Nishinomiya-hama, Japan468925
Nizāmābād, India305438
Noida, India293908
Nowrangapur, India1220946
Nukus, Uzbekistan230006
Numazu, Japan204318
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan345604
Odawara, Japan203035
Okara, Pakistan223648
Okayama, Japan639652
Okazaki, Japan352361
Olongapo, Philippines221178
Orūmīyeh, Iran577307
Ordos, China1940653
Osaka, Japan2592413
Osmaniye, Turkey202837
Padang, Indonesia840352
Palembang, Indonesia1441500
Palu, Indonesia282431
Panchkula, India200000
Panshan, China625040
Parbhani, India289629
Pasay, Philippines416522
Pasig City, Philippines617301
Pasragad Branch, Iran787878
Pathein, Myanmar237089
Patiāla, India329224
Patna, India1599920
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan329002
Pāli, India210103
Pānīpat, India292808
Pānihāti, India378705
Pekalongan, Indonesia257945
Pekanbaru, Indonesia703956
Pematangsiantar, Indonesia209614
Percut, Indonesia311063
Peshawar, Pakistan1218773
Petaẖ Tiqwa, Israel200000
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia520698
Petropavl, Kazakhstan200920
Phnom Penh, Cambodia1573544
Pimpri, India1284606
Pingdingshan, China889675
Pingxiang, China372123
Pohang, South Korea500000
Pontianak, Indonesia455173
Puducherry, India227411
Puerto Princesa, Philippines222673
Punāsa, India350000
Pune, India2935744
Purwakarta, Indonesia215803
Purwokerto, Indonesia217222
Putian, China376558
Puyang Chengguanzhen, China666322
Puyang, China3590000
Pyongyang, North Korea3222000
Qarchak, Iran251834
Qarshi, Uzbekistan222898
Qazvin, Iran333635
Qingdao, China3718835
Qinhuangdao, China759718
Qionghai, China480000
Qiqihar, China882364
Qom, Iran900000
Quetta, Pakistan733675
Quezon City, Philippines2761720
Qui Nhon, Vietnam210338
Quthbullapur, India225816
Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan788915
Raipur, India679995
Ramadi, Iraq274539
Ramagundam, India235000
Ranchi, India846454
Rangpur, Bangladesh343122
Rasht, Iran594590
Ratlām, India236843
Raurkela, India536450
Rawalpindi, Pakistan1743101
Rāichūr, India225962
Rājahmundry, India304804
Rājkot, India1177362
Rājshāhi, Bangladesh700133
Rāmgundam, India452261
Rāmpur, India296418
Rạch Giá, Vietnam228356
Rengasdengklok, Indonesia201463
Rewa, India208461
Rishon LeẔiyyon, Israel220492
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia4205961
Rizhao, China246387
Rohtak, India317245
Russeifa, Jordan268237
Sabzevar, Iran226183
Sahāranpur, India484873
Sahiwal, Pakistan235695
Saitama, Japan1193350
Sakai, Japan782339
Salem, India778396
Samarinda, Indonesia355160
Samarkand, Uzbekistan319366
Samsun, Turkey394050
Samut Prakan, Thailand388920
San Fernando, Philippines251248
San Jose del Monte, Philippines357828
San Pablo, Philippines207577
San Pedro, Philippines270216
Sanaa, Yemen1937451
Sanandaj, Iran349176
Sancaktepe, Turkey241000
Sandakan, Malaysia392288
Sanming, China209444
Santa Rosa, Philippines216650
Santol, Philippines298976
Sapporo, Japan1883027
Sargodha, Pakistan542603
Sari, Iran255396
Sariwŏn, North Korea310100
Sasebo, Japan237444
Satna, India257778
Saugor, India247333
Sāngli, India601214
Sōka, Japan231445
Sūrat, India2894504
Secunderabad, India204182
Seeb, Oman237816
Sejong, South Korea230327
Semarang, Indonesia1288084
Semey, Kazakhstan292780
Sendai, Japan1063103
Seongnam-si, South Korea1031935
Seoul, South Korea10349312
Sepang, Malaysia212050
Seremban, Malaysia372917
Shah Alam, Malaysia481654
Shanghai, China22315474
Shangrao, China318769
Shangyu, China770000
Shantou, China5329024
Shaoguan, China628749
Shaoxing, China421283
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates1324473
Shashi, China498780
Shāhjānpur, India320434
Shekhupura, Pakistan361303
Shengli, China306450
Shenyang, China6255921
Shenzhen, China10358381
Shibganj, Bangladesh378701
Shihezi, China572772
Shijiazhuang, China2834942
Shiliguri, India515574
Shimoga, India319550
Shimonoseki, Japan245786
Shiqi, China342306
Shiraz, Iran1249942
Shivaji Nagar, India1000000
Shiyan, China3460000
Shizuoka, Japan701561
Shrīrāmpur, India226317
Shuangyashan, China600000
Shyamnagar, India441956
Shymkent, Kazakhstan414032
Sialkot, Pakistan477396
Sinŭiju, North Korea288112
Singapore, Singapore3547809
Siping, China555609
Sirjan, Iran207645
Situbondo, Indonesia600000
Sivas, Turkey264022
Solāpur, India997281
Sonīpat, India250521
South Tangerang, Indonesia1303569
Srinagar, India975857
Suihua, China252245
Suita, Japan351630
Suizhou, China323945
Sukabumi, Indonesia276414
Sukkur, Pakistan417767
Sulţānah, Saudi Arabia946697
Sultanbeyli, Turkey286622
Sultangazi, Turkey436935
Sumedang, Indonesia200000
Sumqayıt, Azerbaijan265150
Sunch’ŏn, North Korea437000
Suncheon, South Korea230796
Sungai Petani, Malaysia228843
Surabaya, Indonesia2374658
Surakarta, Indonesia555308
Suwon, South Korea1242724
Suzhou, China205130
Sylhet, Bangladesh237000
Ta‘izz, Yemen615222
Ta’if, Saudi Arabia530848
Tabriz, Iran1424641
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia455450
Tacloban, Philippines242089
Taguig, Philippines644473
Tai’an, China5499000
Taichung, Taiwan1040725
Taihecun, China345033
Tainan, Taiwan771235
Taipei, Taiwan7871900
Taiping, Malaysia217647
Taiyuan, China3426519
Taizhou, China612356
Takamatsu, Japan334223
Takarazuka, Japan219789
Takasaki, Japan240857
Takatsuki, Japan354468
Takeo, Cambodia843931
Tangerang, Indonesia1372124
Tanggu, China535298
Tangshan, China3372102
Tanjore, India219571
Taoyuan City, Taiwan402014
Taraz, Kazakhstan358153
Tarsus, Turkey256482
Tashkent, Uzbekistan1978028
Tasikmalaya, Indonesia271143
Tawau, Malaysia306462
Taytay, Philippines231460
Türkmenabat, Turkmenistan234817
Tbilisi, Georgia1049498
Tegal, Indonesia237084
Tehran, Iran7153309
Tel Aviv, Israel432892
Thāne, India1261517
Thiruvananthapuram, India784153
Thoothukudi, India410760
Tianjin, China11090314
Tianshui, China3500000
Tieling, China333907
Tiruchirappalli, India775484
Tirunelveli, India1435844
Tirupati, India250821
Tiruppur, India397521
Tiruvottiyūr, India248059
Tokorozawa, Japan339435
Tokushima, Japan267345
Tokyo, Japan8336599
Tongchuanshi, China223603
Tonghua, China510000
Tongliao, China261110
Tongshan, China1199193
Toyama, Japan325532
Toyohashi, Japan378374
Toyonaka, Japan384459
Toyota, Japan362383
Trabzon, Turkey244083
Trichūr, India325110
Tripoli, Lebanon229398
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong288728
Tumkūr, India307359
Tungi, Bangladesh337579
Turpan, China254900
Udaipur, India422784
Udon Thani, Thailand247231
Uijeongbu-si, South Korea479141
Ujjain, India457346
Ulan Bator, Mongolia844818
Ulhasnagar, India516584
Ulsan, South Korea962865
Umraniye, Turkey573265
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan319067
Utsunomiya, Japan449865
Vadodara, India1409476
Van, Turkey371713
Varanasi, India1164404
Vũng Tàu, Vietnam209683
Vijayawada, India874587
Visakhapatnam, India1063178
Wafangdian, China250591
Wakayama, Japan351000
Warangal, India557802
Wŏnju, South Korea243387
Wŏnsan, North Korea329207
Weifang, China394732
Wenshan City, China450000
Wenzhou, China865672
Wuhai, China218427
Wuhan, China9785388
Wuhu, China507524
Wusong, China312588
Wuwei, China493092
Wuxi, China3543719
Wuxue, China220661
Wuzhou, China265846
Xiamen, China3531347
Xiangtan, China674189
Xiangyang, China462956
Xiantao, China239406
Xianyang, China1034081
Xi’an, China6501190
Xingtai, China611739
Xining, China767531
Xinpu, China392444
Xintai, China222459
Xinxiang, China743601
Xinyang, China1590668
Xinyuan, China300000
Xiuying, China290000
Xuchang, China1265536
Yamagata, Japan254538
Yamunānagar, India208931
Yanbu, Saudi Arabia200161
Yancheng, China628441
Yangjiang, China399735
Yangon, Myanmar4477638
Yangquan, China413394
Yangshuo, China300000
Yangzhou, China539715
Yanji, China326957
Yantai, China719332
Yao, Japan273213
Yazd, Iran477905
Yeosu, South Korea295538
Yerevan, Armenia1093485
Yibin, China242111
Yichang, China476725
Yinchuan, China475101
Yingkou, China591159
Yiyang, China202608
Yogyakarta, Indonesia636660
Yokkaichi, Japan295841
Yokohama, Japan3574443
Yokosuka, Japan428992
Yono, Japan1077730
Yuci, China235929
Yueyang, China1200000
Yuncheng, China201950
Yunfu, China2612800
Zahedan, Iran551980
Zamboanga, Philippines457623
Zanjān, Iran357471
Zarqa, Jordan792665
Zeytinburnu, Turkey288743
Zhangjiakou Shi Xuanhua Qu, China373422
Zhangjiakou, China692602
Zhangzhou, China589831
Zhanjiang, China637790
Zhaoqing, China361969
Zhengzhou, China4253913
Zhenjiang, China632552
Zhongshan, China3121275
Zhoukou, China377061
Zhu Cheng City, China1000000
Zhuhai, China501199
Zhumadian, China720000
Zhuzhou, China709358
Zibo, China3129228
Zigong, China689961
Zunyi, China466292

Mileage charts are provided as Excel workbooks, and give driving distances in miles and kilometers, and travel times. As a bonus, every pair of cities within our charts have distances and travel times for both directions!