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South America is a continent in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. It may also be considered a subcontinent of the Americas, which is how it is viewed in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking regions of the Americas. The reference to South America instead of other regions (like Latin America or the Southern Cone) has increased in the last decades due to changing geopolitical dynamics (in particular, the ... Source: Wikipedia
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The mileage chart for South America can be downloaded here (25.7MB, updated 19th Sep 2019).

A list of component tables for South America can be found here: list of South America tables.

This mileage chart contains mileages and travel times for the following 1005 cities:

Abaetetuba, Brazil78050
Abancay, Peru55111
Abreu e Lima, Brazil81959
Acacías, Colombia40627
Acarigua, Venezuela143704
Aguachica, Colombia73360
Agustín Codazzi, Colombia51478
Alagoinhas, Brazil122688
Alderetes, Argentina38466
Alegrete, Brazil87236
Alfenas, Brazil71406
Almirante Tamandaré, Brazil89499
Alta Gracia, Argentina40384
Altagracia de Orituco, Venezuela40052
Altamira, Brazil70888
Alto Barinas, Venezuela284289
Ambato, Ecuador154369
Americana, Brazil196022
Amparo, Brazil41497
Anaco, Venezuela117596
Ananindeua, Brazil433956
Anápolis, Brazil319587
Andradina, Brazil52406
Angol, Chile44856
Angra dos Reis, Brazil153635
Antofagasta, Chile309832
Aparecida de Goiânia, Brazil510770
Apartadó, Colombia86438
Apucarana, Brazil107085
Aquiraz, Brazil65116
Araçatuba, Brazil170024
Aracaju, Brazil490175
Aracati, Brazil44293
Aracruz, Brazil58271
Araguaína, Brazil105019
Araguari, Brazil96565
Arapiraca, Brazil166562
Arapongas, Brazil97512
Araranguá, Brazil43444
Araraquara, Brazil168468
Araras, Brazil107463
Araripina, Brazil38569
Araruama, Brazil109637
Arauca, Colombia69264
Araucária, Brazil111302
Araure, Venezuela73054
Araxá, Brazil82595
Arcoverde, Brazil57163
Arequipa, Peru841130
Arica, Chile185999
Ariquemes, Brazil58096
Arjona, Colombia50405
Armenia, Colombia315328
Artigas, Uruguay41909
Artur Nogueira, Brazil40403
Arujá, Brazil72077
Assis, Brazil101597
Asunción, Paraguay1482200
Atibaia, Brazil110968
Avaré, Brazil81285
Ayacucho, Peru140033
Azul, Argentina53941
Babahoyo, Ecuador76279
Bacabal, Brazil72372
Bagé, Brazil98940
Bahía Blanca, Argentina276546
Balcarce, Argentina38823
Balneário Camboriú, Brazil49100
Balsas, Brazil68056
Balzar, Ecuador40115
Baranoa, Colombia44078
Barbacena, Brazil122211
Barcelona, Venezuela424795
Barinas, Venezuela353442
Barquisimeto, Venezuela809490
Barra do Corda, Brazil86662
Barra do Garças, Brazil52398
Barra do Piraí, Brazil87668
Barra Mansa, Brazil164052
Barranca, Peru46290
Barrancabermeja, Colombia191403
Barranqueras, Argentina50823
Barranquilla, Colombia1380425
Barreiras, Brazil158292
Barretos, Brazil101220
Barueri, Brazil251994
Baruta, Venezuela244216
Batatais, Brazil51976
Bauru, Brazil335024
Bayeux, Brazil91056
Bebedouro, Brazil71862
Belém, Brazil1407737
Belford Roxo, Brazil466096
Bello, Colombia392939
Belo Horizonte, Brazil2373224
Belo Jardim, Brazil49922
Benevides, Brazil49794
Bento Gonçalves, Brazil90852
Berazategui, Argentina167498
Betim, Brazil384000
Bezerros, Brazil51436
Biguaçu, Brazil51992
Birigui, Brazil102277
Blumenau, Brazil293949
Boa Vista, Brazil235150
Bogotá, Colombia7674366
Boituva, Brazil48750
Bom Despacho, Brazil40303
Bom Jesus da Lapa, Brazil40691
Botucatu, Brazil113862
Bragança Paulista, Brazil125096
Bragança, Brazil57163
Brasília, Brazil2207718
Breves, Brazil46473
Brumado, Brazil41989
Brusque, Brazil88284
Bucaramanga, Colombia571820
Buenaventura, Colombia240387
Buenos Aires, Argentina13076300
Buin, Chile55441
Caaguazú, Paraguay54808
Caçador, Brazil63726
Caçapava, Brazil72340
Cabedelo, Brazil54839
Cabimas, Venezuela200818
Cabo Frio, Brazil108239
Cabo, Brazil143105
Cabreúva, Brazil38738
Cachoeira do Sul, Brazil74694
Cachoeiras de Macacu, Brazil46177
Cachoeirinha, Brazil121084
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil187019
Cacoal, Brazil55560
Cagua, Venezuela119033
Caicó, Brazil54934
Caieiras, Brazil87188
Cajamar, Brazil56682
Cajamarca, Peru135000
Cajazeiras, Brazil43913
Calabozo, Venezuela117132
Calama, Chile143084
Calarcá, Colombia62170
Caldas Novas, Brazil63675
Caldas, Colombia65565
Cali, Colombia2392877
Callao, Peru813264
Camaçari, Brazil188758
Camaquã, Brazil53169
Cambé, Brazil91080
Cametá, Brazil45200
Camocim, Brazil44481
Campana, Argentina81612
Campina Grande, Brazil348936
Campinas, Brazil1031554
Campo Belo, Brazil47491
Campo Grande, Brazil729151
Campo Largo, Brazil94668
Campo Mourão, Brazil75401
Campos do Jordão, Brazil53319
Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil387417
Canindé, Brazil42720
Canoas, Brazil328291
Canoinhas, Brazil38862
Capanema, Brazil47766
Capiatá, Paraguay198553
Caracas, Venezuela3000000
Caraguatatuba, Brazil90843
Carapicuíba, Brazil361112
Caratinga, Brazil60066
Carazinho, Brazil59417
Carúpano, Venezuela112082
Carora, Venezuela93788
Carpina, Brazil70689
Carrizal, Venezuela40618
Cartagena, Colombia952024
Cartago, Colombia134827
Caruaru, Brazil235371
Cascavel, Brazil52357
Castanhal, Brazil137406
Castro, Brazil42091
Catacaos, Peru57304
Cataguases, Brazil62618
Catalão, Brazil63544
Catanduva, Brazil109612
Catia La Mar, Venezuela106822
Catu, Brazil39932
Caucagüito, Venezuela52556
Caucaguita, Venezuela59000
Caucaia, Brazil275019
Caucasia, Colombia58034
Caxias do Sul, Brazil381270
Caxias, Brazil148072
Cayenne, French Guiana61550
Córdoba, Argentina1428214
Cúa, Venezuela182558
Cúcuta, Colombia721398
Cereté, Colombia55513
Cerro de Pasco, Peru78910
Chacao, Venezuela64609
Chapadinha, Brazil40804
Chapecó, Brazil160157
Charallave, Venezuela129182
Chía, Colombia64569
Chepén, Peru41992
Chiclayo, Peru577375
Chigorodó, Colombia48443
Chiguayante, Chile82545
Chilecito, Argentina42248
Chillán, Chile150396
Chimbas, Argentina73829
Chimbote, Peru316966
Chincha Alta, Peru153076
Chinchiná, Colombia68512
Chiquinquirá, Colombia45294
Chivacoa, Venezuela45904
Chivilcoy, Argentina54514
Chone, Ecuador44751
Chosica, Peru88606
Chulucanas, Peru68835
Cianorte, Brazil55994
Ciénaga, Colombia88311
Cipolletti, Argentina75078
Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela338000
Ciudad del Este, Paraguay320782
Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela746535
Coari, Brazil50490
Cochabamba, Bolivia900414
Codó, Brazil83288
Colatina, Brazil101190
Colombo, Brazil217000
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina140850
Concórdia, Brazil55367
Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina67895
Concepción, Chile215413
Concepción, Paraguay48123
Concordia, Argentina145210
Congonhas, Brazil48819
Conselheiro Lafaiete, Brazil111596
Contagem, Brazil627123
Copacabana, Colombia49169
Copiapó, Chile129280
Coquimbo, Chile161317
Cornélio Procópio, Brazil48487
Coro, Venezuela195227
Coronel Fabriciano, Brazil100916
Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay51286
Coronel, Chile92940
Corozal, Colombia39800
Corrientes, Argentina339067
Corumbá, Brazil96520
Cosmópolis, Brazil47772
Cotia, Brazil174828
Coyhaique, Chile45787
Crateús, Brazil52933
Crato, Brazil88786
Criciúma, Brazil161954
Cruz Alta, Brazil65275
Cruz das Almas, Brazil47844
Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil79819
Cruzeiro, Brazil72022
Cubatão, Brazil118410
Cuenca, Ecuador276964
Cuiabá, Brazil521934
Cumaná, Venezuela257783
Curicó, Chile102438
Curitiba, Brazil1718421
Curvelo, Brazil63954
Cusco, Peru312140
Cutral-Có, Argentina47380
Diadema, Brazil390633
Divinópolis, Brazil193832
Don Torcuato, Argentina64867
Dosquebradas, Colombia179583
Dourados, Brazil162202
Duitama, Colombia92040
Duque de Caxias, Brazil818329
Ejido, Venezuela106915
El Bagre, Colombia40798
El Banco, Colombia54522
El Carmen de Bolívar, Colombia47957
El Hatillo, Venezuela57591
El Limón, Venezuela148247
El Tigre, Venezuela150999
El Tocuyo, Venezuela53099
El Vigía, Venezuela59092
Eloy Alfaro, Ecuador167784
Embu Guaçu, Brazil76310
Embu, Brazil221733
Encarnación, Paraguay74983
Envigado, Colombia163007
Erechim, Brazil96087
Escada, Brazil48083
Esmeraldas, Brazil103206
Esmeraldas, Ecuador165216
Espinal, Colombia56213
Estância Velha, Brazil40390
Estância, Brazil55654
Esteio, Brazil84902
Eunápolis, Brazil114275
Facatativá, Colombia94611
Farroupilha, Brazil57650
Feira de Santana, Brazil481911
Fernandópolis, Brazil61931
Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay120167
Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Brazil167900
Florencia, Colombia130337
Florianópolis, Brazil412724
Floriano, Brazil48587
Florida, Colombia47173
Floridablanca, Colombia252267
Formiga, Brazil56404
Formosa, Argentina221383
Formosa, Brazil81232
Fortaleza, Brazil2400000
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil293523
Franca, Brazil305041
Francisco Beltrão, Brazil57618
Francisco Morato, Brazil171790
Franco da Rocha, Brazil108858
Frutal, Brazil40931
Fundación, Colombia59175
Funza, Colombia54421
Fusagasugá, Colombia88820
Garanhuns, Brazil110085
Garça, Brazil41302
Güigüe, Venezuela71530
Güiria, Venezuela40000
General Pacheco, Argentina43287
General Pico, Argentina57029
General Roca, Argentina73212
Georgetown, Guyana235017
Girardot City, Colombia130289
Girón, Colombia108466
Gobernador Gálvez, Argentina74650
Goiana, Brazil43980
Goianésia, Brazil47883
Goiânia, Brazil1171195
Governador Valadares, Brazil250878
Goya, Argentina70245
Gravataí, Brazil238778
Gravatá, Brazil61249
Guaíba, Brazil101024
Guacara, Venezuela151752
Guadalajara de Buga, Colombia118004
Gualeguaychú, Argentina78676
Guanambi, Brazil58877
Guanare, Venezuela112286
Guarabira, Brazil43749
Guarapari, Brazil100925
Guarapuava, Brazil150850
Guaratinguetá, Brazil105880
Guarenas, Venezuela181612
Guarujá, Brazil310424
Guarulhos, Brazil1169577
Guatire, Venezuela191903
Guaxupé, Brazil47889
Guayaquil, Ecuador1952029
Gurupi, Brazil64789
Hacienda La Calera, Chile49106
Horizonte, Brazil51171
Hortolândia, Brazil203533
Huacho, Peru54545
Huancavelica, Peru41576
Huancayo, Peru376657
Huaquillas, Ecuador39757
Huaral, Peru62174
Huaraz, Peru86934
Huánuco, Peru147959
Hurlingham, Argentina60000
Içara, Brazil51454
Ibagué, Colombia421685
Ibarra, Ecuador132977
Ibiporã, Brazil44790
Ibirité, Brazil141374
Ibitinga, Brazil49074
Ica, Peru246844
Igarassu, Brazil86457
Iguatu, Brazil70380
Ijuí, Brazil71202
Ilhéus, Brazil155499
Ilo, Peru53476
Imbituba, Brazil43450
Imperatriz, Brazil218106
Indaial, Brazil44359
Indaiatuba, Brazil179911
Inhumas, Brazil44058
Ipatinga, Brazil228746
Ipiaú, Brazil38762
Ipiales, Colombia77729
Ipojuca, Brazil53364
Iquique, Chile227499
Iquitos, Peru437620
Irati, Brazil45830
Irecê, Brazil63626
Itaúna, Brazil77400
Itabaiana, Brazil63888
Itaberaba, Brazil47301
Itabira, Brazil99496
Itabirito, Brazil39452
Itaboraí, Brazil182498
Itabuna, Brazil205660
Itacoatiara, Brazil64937
Itagüí, Colombia281853
Itaguaí, Brazil100752
Itaituba, Brazil64756
Itajaí, Brazil155716
Itajubá, Brazil81870
Itamaraju, Brazil47628
Itanhaém, Brazil90385
Itapecerica da Serra, Brazil151605
Itaperuna, Brazil84435
Itapetinga, Brazil59721
Itapetininga, Brazil126243
Itapeva, Brazil62957
Itapevi, Brazil201748
Itapipoca, Brazil55784
Itapira, Brazil61607
Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil336679
Itararé, Brazil44809
Itatiba, Brazil67934
Itauguá, Paraguay64997
Itu, Brazil137586
Ituiutaba, Brazil85345
Itumbiara, Brazil79582
Jaén, Peru52493
Jaú, Brazil119206
Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Brazil630008
Jaboatão, Brazil702621
Jaboticabal, Brazil69394
Jacareí, Brazil213110
Jacobina, Brazil47637
Jaguaquara, Brazil41498
Jales, Brazil43831
Jamundí, Colombia44833
Janaúba, Brazil56572
Jandira, Brazil113605
Japeri, Brazil95101
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil130130
Jataí, Brazil76547
Jequié, Brazil127475
Ji Paraná, Brazil107697
João Monlevade, Brazil72762
João Pessoa, Brazil650883
Joinville, Brazil461304
José C. Paz, Argentina230208
Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil225230
Juiz de Fora, Brazil470193
Juliaca, Peru245675
Junín, Argentina85007
Jundiaí, Brazil321589
La Dorada, Colombia81950
La Estrella, Colombia49386
La Libertad, Ecuador75881
La Paz, Bolivia812799
La Pintana, Chile201178
La Plata, Argentina694167
La Rioja, Argentina162620
La Serena, Chile154521
La Victoria, Venezuela87045
La Villa del Rosario, Venezuela65011
Lagarto, Brazil45445
Lages, Brazil164676
Lagoa da Prata, Brazil43118
Lagoa Santa, Brazil38486
Laguna, Brazil39711
Lagunillas, Venezuela44257
Lajeado, Brazil65407
Lambaré, Paraguay126377
Lambayeque, Peru43710
Las Piedras, Uruguay69682
Latacunga, Ecuador51717
Lauro de Freitas, Brazil141280
Lavras, Brazil81472
Leme, Brazil81209
Lençóis Paulista, Brazil57375
Leopoldina, Brazil46742
Libertador General San Martín, Argentina49267
Lima, Peru7737002
Limeira, Brazil289665
Limoeiro, Brazil42328
Limpio, Paraguay96143
Linares, Chile69535
Lincoln, Argentina41808
Linden, Guyana44690
Linhares, Brazil105075
Lins, Brazil69451
Lo Prado, Chile104316
Loja, Ecuador117796
Londrina, Brazil471832
Lorena, Brazil76506
Lorica, Colombia40605
Los Andes, Chile56859
Los Ángeles, Chile125430
Los Dos Caminos, Venezuela58168
Los Patios, Colombia58661
Los Polvorines, Argentina53354
Los Teques, Venezuela140617
Lota, Chile49763
Luján, Argentina81749
Luziânia, Brazil143601
Macaé, Brazil143029
Macaíba, Brazil40015
Macapá, Brazil338936
Maceió, Brazil954991
Machala, Ecuador198123
Machiques, Venezuela62968
Madrid, Colombia50437
Mafra, Brazil40081
Magangué, Colombia100313
Maicao, Colombia130348
Maiquetía, Venezuela52564
Mairinque, Brazil44456
Mairiporã, Brazil54415
Malambo, Colombia101534
Maldonado, Uruguay55478
Manacapuru, Brazil52459
Manaus, Brazil1598210
Manhuaçu, Brazil54607
Manizales, Colombia357814
Manta, Ecuador183166
Mar del Plata, Argentina553935
Marabá, Brazil145860
Maracaibo, Venezuela2225000
Maracanaú, Brazil193529
Maracay, Venezuela1754256
Marília, Brazil212218
Marechal Cândido Rondon, Brazil43028
Marechal Deodoro, Brazil50571
Mariana, Brazil45236
Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay72008
Mariara, Venezuela105486
Maricá, Brazil79551
Maringá, Brazil311724
Matão, Brazil72468
Maturín, Venezuela410972
Mauá, Brazil386069
Mérida, Venezuela300000
Medellín, Colombia1999979
Melipilla, Chile63100
Melo, Uruguay51023
Mendoza, Argentina876884
Mercedes, Argentina52949
Mercedes, Uruguay42359
Merlo, Argentina244168
Milagro, Ecuador133508
Mineiros, Brazil38951
Mococa, Brazil59654
Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil325746
Mogi Guaçu, Brazil128865
Mogi Mirim, Brazil78244
Mongaguá, Brazil45930
Monte Alto, Brazil41893
Monte Carmelo, Brazil44041
Monte Mor, Brazil40290
Montelíbano, Colombia85000
Montenegro, Brazil54057
Montería, Colombia272420
Montero, Bolivia88616
Montes Claros, Brazil332379
Montevideo, Uruguay1270737
Moquegua, Peru54517
Morón, Argentina319934
Morón, Venezuela44308
Moreno, Brazil45237
Mossoró, Brazil202005
Moyobamba, Peru44276
Mucumpiz, Venezuela215259
Muriaé, Brazil91173
Natal, Brazil763043
Navegantes, Brazil47781
Necochea, Argentina80478
Neiva, Colombia352855
Nemby, Paraguay94641
Neuquén, Argentina242092
Nilópolis, Brazil147281
Niterói, Brazil456456
Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Brazil163993
Nova Friburgo, Brazil153361
Nova Iguaçu, Brazil1002118
Nova Lima, Brazil88399
Nova Odessa, Brazil49432
Novo Hamburgo, Brazil253841
Oberá, Argentina56528
Ocaña, Colombia83511
Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela166072
Olavarría, Argentina86320
Olímpia, Brazil45199
Olinda, Brazil366754
Orlândia, Brazil44766
Oruro, Bolivia208684
Osasco, Brazil677856
Osorno, Chile135773
Ourinhos, Brazil97799
Ouro Preto, Brazil63678
Ovalle, Chile77138
Pacajus, Brazil41558
Pacatuba, Brazil55291
Paita, Peru56151
Palhoça, Brazil122423
Palmares, Brazil41679
Palmas, Brazil39150
Palmira, Colombia247986
Palo Negro, Venezuela128875
Palpalá, Argentina48199
Pamplona, Colombia53587
Paracatu, Brazil70753
Paragominas, Brazil69613
Paraguaçu Paulista, Brazil39120
Paramaribo, Suriname223757
Paranaguá, Brazil141013
Paranavaí, Brazil72848
Paraná, Argentina262295
Parauapebas, Brazil196259
Pará de Minas, Brazil75786
Parintins, Brazil64428
Parnaíba, Brazil138008
Parnamirim, Brazil150343
Parobé, Brazil48559
Pasaje, Ecuador44860
Paso de los Libres, Argentina43805
Passo Fundo, Brazil179529
Passos, Brazil98752
Pasto, Colombia382236
Pato Branco, Brazil65754
Patos de Minas, Brazil126234
Patos, Brazil92575
Patrocínio, Brazil71963
Paulínia, Brazil65595
Paulista, Brazil289971
Paulo Afonso, Brazil85350
Paysandú, Uruguay73249
Peñaflor, Chile65495
Pedreira, Brazil39198
Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay75109
Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil49261
Pelotas, Brazil320674
Penápolis, Brazil54477
Penco, Chile46091
Penedo, Brazil42097
Pereira, Colombia440118
Pergamino, Argentina87652
Peruíbe, Brazil63030
Pesqueira, Brazil41896
Petare, Venezuela364684
Petrópolis, Brazil272691
Petrolina, Brazil194650
Picos, Brazil57495
Picsi, Peru43610
Piedecuesta, Colombia86387
Piendamo, Colombia44000
Pilar, Argentina226517
Pindamonhangaba, Brazil132218
Pinhais, Brazil117000
Pinheiro, Brazil38893
Piracicaba, Brazil342209
Pirapora, Brazil51656
Piraquara, Brazil41161
Pirassununga, Brazil60413
Piripiri, Brazil44864
Pisco, Peru61869
Pitalito, Colombia53685
Piura, Peru325466
Planaltina, Brazil88853
Plato, Colombia48606
Poá, Brazil107432
Poços de Caldas, Brazil146588
Pocito, Argentina40969
Ponta Grossa, Brazil292177
Ponta Porã, Brazil55763
Ponte Nova, Brazil48187
Popayán, Colombia258653
Porlamar, Venezuela87120
Porto Alegre, Brazil1372741
Porto Feliz, Brazil41015
Porto Ferreira, Brazil49127
Porto Seguro, Brazil123173
Porto Velho, Brazil306180
Portoviejo, Ecuador170326
Posadas, Argentina323739
Potosí, Bolivia141251
Pouso Alegre, Brazil115201
Pradera, Colombia44630
Praia Grande, Brazil250027
Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Argentina81879
Presidente Epitácio, Brazil38742
Presidente Franco, Paraguay54292
Presidente Prudente, Brazil209502
Pucallpa, Peru310750
Puente Alto, Chile510417
Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela52526
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela174000
Puerto Eldorado, Argentina54189
Puerto Francisco de Orellana, Ecuador48144
Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela370000
Puerto Madryn, Argentina64555
Puerto Montt, Chile160054
Puerto Tejada, Colombia53674
Puno, Peru116552
Punta Alta, Argentina57209
Punta Arenas, Chile117430
Punta Cardón, Venezuela58926
Punto Fijo, Venezuela131784
Quíbor, Venezuela41526
Queimados, Brazil135741
Quevedo, Ecuador119436
Quibdó, Colombia75104
Quillacollo, Bolivia87309
Quillota, Chile67779
Quilmes, Argentina230000
Quilpué, Chile130263
Quito, Ecuador1399814
Quixadá, Brazil49328
Rafaela, Argentina88713
Rancagua, Chile212695
Río Cuarto, Argentina153757
Río Gallegos, Argentina85700
Río Grande, Argentina52681
Río Tercero, Argentina53389
Recife, Brazil1478098
Reconquista, Argentina90184
Redenção, Brazil82464
Registro, Brazil45697
Resende, Brazil111514
Resistencia, Argentina387158
Ribeirão das Neves, Brazil406802
Ribeirão Pires, Brazil111888
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil619746
Riberalta, Bolivia74014
Rio Branco, Brazil257642
Rio Claro, Brazil180147
Rio das Ostras, Brazil100000
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil6023699
Rio do Sul, Brazil51944
Rio Grande, Brazil187838
Rio Largo, Brazil63387
Rio Negrinho, Brazil41914
Rio Verde, Brazil229651
Riobamba, Ecuador124478
Riohacha, Colombia92431
Rionegro, Colombia62291
Rivera, Uruguay64631
Rolândia, Brazil51004
Rondonópolis, Brazil152912
Rosa Zarate, Ecuador42121
Rosario, Argentina1173533
Rubio, Venezuela51568
Russas, Brazil39465
Saña, Peru39200
Sabanalarga, Colombia68535
Sacaba, Bolivia107628
Sahagún, Colombia59188
Salgueiro, Brazil42152
Salinas, Ecuador43862
Salinópolis, Brazil40998
Salta, Argentina512686
Salto, Brazil98387
Salto, Uruguay99823
Salvador, Brazil2711840
San Andrés, Colombia58257
San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela63873
San Antonio, Chile85651
San Antonio, Paraguay55754
San Bernardo, Chile249858
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina95394
San Carlos del Zulia, Venezuela56582
San Carlos, Venezuela77192
San Cristóbal, Venezuela246583
San Felipe, Chile59294
San Felipe, Venezuela76766
San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela78779
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina188812
San Francisco, Argentina59062
San Isidro, Argentina45190
San Isidro, Peru68309
San Joaquín, Venezuela41630
San José de Guanipa, Venezuela62128
San Juan de los Morros, Venezuela87739
San Juan, Argentina447048
San Lorenzo, Argentina47626
San Lorenzo, Paraguay227876
San Luis, Argentina183982
San Martín, Argentina82549
San Mateo, Venezuela50401
San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina781023
San Miguel, Argentina157532
San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina127742
San Pedro de Jujuy, Argentina58430
San Pedro, Argentina47452
San Rafael, Argentina109163
San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, Argentina74059
San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina305891
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Brazil188000
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia1364389
Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Brazil76450
Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil106113
Santa Elena, Ecuador42214
Santa Fe, Argentina489505
Santa Inês, Brazil67424
Santa Lucía, Argentina43565
Santa Luzia, Brazil243503
Santa Maria, Brazil249219
Santa Marta, Colombia431781
Santa Rita, Brazil119893
Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia57928
Santa Rosa, Argentina111424
Santa Rosa, Brazil58957
Santa Rosa, Ecuador41816
Santa Teresa del Tuy, Venezuela278890
Santana de Parnaíba, Brazil98989
Santana do Livramento, Brazil89694
Santana, Brazil83927
Santander de Quilichao, Colombia40798
Santarém, Brazil189047
Santiago del Estero, Argentina354692
Santiago, Brazil46611
Santiago, Chile4837295
Santo Amaro, Brazil46748
Santo André, Brazil662373
Santo Antônio de Jesus, Brazil73957
Santo Ângelo, Brazil64606
Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador200421
Santo Tomé, Argentina59072
Santos Dumont, Brazil41582
Santos, Brazil411403
Sapiranga, Brazil76051
Sapucaia, Brazil130937
Saquarema, Brazil62056
Sarandi, Brazil84697
São Bento do Sul, Brazil77597
São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil743372
São Borja, Brazil59613
São Caetano do Sul, Brazil136453
São Carlos, Brazil205035
São Cristóvão, Brazil71539
São Gabriel, Brazil55434
São Joaquim da Barra, Brazil42720
São João da Boa Vista, Brazil76540
São João de Meriti, Brazil454849
São João del Rei, Brazil78592
São José do Rio Pardo, Brazil46989
São José do Rio Preto, Brazil374699
São José dos Campos, Brazil613764
São José dos Pinhais, Brazil124224
São José, Brazil200000
São Leopoldo, Brazil209229
São Lourenço da Mata, Brazil88416
São Lourenço, Brazil41143
São Luís, Brazil917237
São Mateus, Brazil77117
São Miguel dos Campos, Brazil40890
São Paulo, Brazil10021295
São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil55014
São Roque, Brazil50540
São Sebastião do Paraíso, Brazil68654
São Sebastião, Brazil76367
São Vicente, Brazil324457
Segovia, Colombia39938
Senador Canedo, Brazil61800
Senhor do Bonfim, Brazil48471
Seropédica, Brazil54846
Serra Talhada, Brazil51203
Serra, Brazil394153
Serrana, Brazil39826
Serrinha, Brazil49078
Sertãozinho, Brazil99211
Sete Lagoas, Brazil201334
Sevilla, Colombia41612
Simões Filho, Brazil116662
Sincelejo, Colombia261187
Sinop, Brazil116013
Sirinhaém, Brazil40852
Soacha, Colombia313945
Sobral, Brazil157996
Sogamoso, Colombia126551
Soledad, Colombia342556
Sorocaba, Brazil558862
Sousa, Brazil47927
Sucre, Bolivia224838
Sullana, Peru160789
Sumaré, Brazil227977
Suzano, Brazil283314
Taboão da Serra, Brazil214523
Tacarigua, Venezuela39205
Tacna, Peru280098
Tacuarembó, Uruguay51854
Tafí Viejo, Argentina48459
Talagante, Chile51764
Talara, Peru99074
Talca, Chile197479
Talcahuano, Chile252968
Tambopata, Peru38966
Tandil, Argentina104325
Taquara, Brazil48051
Taquaritinga, Brazil50098
Tarija, Bolivia159269
Tarma, Peru51350
Tartagal, Argentina60819
Tatuí, Brazil93580
Taubaté, Brazil251641
Teófilo Otoni, Brazil101170
Tefé, Brazil44942
Telêmaco Borba, Brazil58880
Temuco, Chile238129
Teresópolis, Brazil123979
Teresina, Brazil744512
Tianguá, Brazil45696
Timóteo, Brazil91722
Timbaúba, Brazil45121
Timon, Brazil124427
Tinaquillo, Venezuela82145
Tingo María, Peru53177
Tiquipaya, Bolivia53904
Toledo, Brazil119313
Tomé, Chile46698
Tortuguitas, Argentina41390
Três Corações, Brazil63457
Três Lagoas, Brazil78712
Três Pontas, Brazil43749
Três Rios, Brazil71944
Trelew, Argentina93442
Tres Arroyos, Argentina47136
Trindade, Brazil97521
Trinidad, Bolivia84259
Trujillo, Peru747450
Tubarão, Brazil67245
Tucumã, Brazil38508
Tucupita, Venezuela51534
Tucuruí, Brazil76337
Tulcán, Ecuador86498
Tuluá, Colombia165501
Tumaco, Colombia86713
Tumbes, Peru109223
Tunja, Colombia117479
Tupã, Brazil62035
Turbaco, Colombia56171
Turbo, Colombia50508
Turmero, Venezuela344700
Tutamandahostel, Ecuador140000
Ubatuba, Brazil79007
Ubá, Brazil97828
Uberaba, Brazil260843
Uberlândia, Brazil563536
Umuarama, Brazil107319
Unaí, Brazil60202
União da Vitória, Brazil48741
União dos Palmares, Brazil41178
Upata, Venezuela53685
Uruguaiana, Brazil123480
Ushuaia, Argentina58028
Vacaria, Brazil56765
Valdivia, Chile133419
Valença, Brazil61144
Valencia, Venezuela1385083
Valera, Venezuela93756
Valinhos, Brazil88630
Valle de La Pascua, Venezuela89080
Valledupar, Colombia308237
Vallenar, Chile44895
Valparaíso, Chile282448
Varginha, Brazil116571
Várzea Grande, Brazil249752
Várzea Paulista, Brazil110936
Velasco Ibarra, Ecuador48754
Venado Tuerto, Argentina72340
Venâncio Aires, Brazil40627
Ventanas, Ecuador46708
Vespasiano, Brazil94749
Viamão, Brazil285269
Viana, Brazil55122
Viçosa, Brazil68680
Viña del Mar, Chile294551
Videira, Brazil42440
Viedma, Argentina48940
Vila Velha, Brazil394930
Vilhena, Brazil63231
Villa Alemana, Chile97320
Villa Ángela, Argentina43511
Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina69451
Villa Constitución, Argentina44271
Villa de Cura, Venezuela76614
Villa de Mayo, Argentina43405
Villa del Rosario, Colombia64951
Villa Elisa, Paraguay64099
Villa Hayes, Paraguay57217
Villa María, Argentina92453
Villa Mercedes, Argentina96781
Villarrica, Paraguay41157
Villavicencio, Colombia321717
Vinhedo, Brazil56492
Vitória da Conquista, Brazil253137
Vitória de Santo Antão, Brazil107383
Vitória, Brazil312656
Volta Redonda, Brazil249580
Votorantim, Brazil99390
Votuporanga, Brazil69863
Xinguara, Brazil43530
Yacuiba, Bolivia82803
Yaritagua, Venezuela89662
Yerba Buena, Argentina50783
Yopal, Colombia61029
Yumbo, Colombia71436
Yurimaguas, Peru41827
Zaraza, Venezuela41483
Zárate, Argentina88781
Zipaquirá, Colombia91235

Mileage charts are provided as Excel workbooks, and give driving distances in miles and kilometers, and travel times. As a bonus, every pair of cities within our charts have distances and travel times for both directions!